• Hydrogen Storage Graph
    This Month's Showcase Technology
    As members of DOE's Hydrogen Storage Engineering Center of Excellence, we're working on microchannel-based technology for metal hydride and adsorption systems and for chemical hydrides.
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  • Jair Lizarazo
    Sons and Daughters Come to Work at MBI
    PNNL Postdoctoral Researcher Jair Lizarazo demonstrates the use of a centrifuge to separate the two liquid phases of an oil-water emulsion.
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  • PNNL Director Mike Kluse
    PNNL Director Kluse's MBI Visit
    The MBI was delighted to host VIP guests from PNNL's Richland headquarters and OSU on January 20.
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  • Indu Peruri
    MBI Intern Works on Devices for DNA Separation
    Indu Peruri reflects on her MBI internship: “MBI has been a tremendous learning experience. Research here is all about value-based learning."
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  • Growing the Economy
    MBI Celebrates!
    August 27, 2010: MBI welcomed more than 500 guests to a festive Open House in celebration of its new lab facilities in Building 11 on the Corvallis Hewlett-Packard campus.
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  • Workshop Participants
    Fluid Interfacing Workshop
    Some OSU students took a break from Spring break recently and flocked instead to MBI workshops on fluid interfacing . . .
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  • Clayton Hires
    Advances in Photovoltaic Cell Technology
    This MBI grad student is adapting lab-scale deposition techniques to larger substrates for a pilot demonstration
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  • Ward TeGrotenhuis Recognition Ceremony
    2010 Battelle Award Winner
    Ward TeGrotenhuis, Pacfiic Northwest Laboratory Co-Director of the MBI, is honored as a 2010 Battelle Distinguished Inventor.
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