Guidance for New Users

Project Documentation for New OSU and External Users

Your faculty advisor or company representative is responsible for submitting a Project Form and User Access Form on your behalf. (See Guidance for New User Sponsors.) After we have received that information, new users must complete the ATAMI Orientation.

External non-tenant users--If you are not affiliated with OSU or with a facility tenant, you must also submit a Liability Waiver.

ATAMI Orientation

After completing the three-part orientation, you will receive a personal badge for access to the facility and to record tool usage. The orientation entails:

  1. Review of MBI/ATAMI Chemical Orientation presentation--last bullet on page--on your own before the building tour
  2. Completion of the three OSU chemical safety trainings & quizzes linked below. A score of 100% is required on all quizzes. A note on taking the quizzes:
  3. OSU Users: Take the online quizzes. You will receive an email after you complete each quiz. Forward the acknowledgment emails when they reflect scorces of 100% to Quiz Results
    External Users: Download and complete Word version of quizzes; email to Quiz Results or bring paper copy on day of building safety tour. For scores less than 100%, you will be asked to review the training material and re-take the quiz. External users: the offline Fire Extinguisher Use quiz is not yet available; we will distribute it to you for you to take once it is.


    OSU Hazardous Waste Training (not the "Universal Waste Training")
    Lab Safety Training
    Hazard Communication and Global Harmonizing System
    OSU Fire Extinguisher Use

  4. Participation in Building Safety Tour (approx. 40 minutes duration). A pdf of the Orientation Guide is below. Sign up for an upcoming session via email to Danielle Clair at least two days before the tour date. Building tours begin in the lobby at the appointed time sharp. Please use the intercom in the entry to reach Danielle for access.


    2pm - Wednesday, March 22
    2pm - Wednesday, April 5
    11am - Tuesday, April 18


    Emailing an electronic photo to Danielle Clair two days before your building tour is strongly encouraged (your badge will be available on the building tour day) but is not essential (in this case, we'll take your photo on the orientation day and your badge can be picked up on a subsequent visit). Your badge activation period coincides with your project start and end dates.

    Authorization to Use Shared Facility Tools

    Before any tool use takes place, users must be trained and certfied by ATAMI and lab staff on proper usage for the safety of both people and equipment.

    Other Information