Mike Kluse Gets First-hand Look at Microproducts Breakthrough Institute Progress


February 4, 2010
Mike Kluse, PNNL Director, Cheryl Cejka, Director of Technology Commercialization, and Rod Quinn, PNNL Associate Director, visited the MBI on January 20. The Richland visitors were introduced to OSU’s Sustainable Energy & Infrastructure (SENERGI) initiative by College of Engineering Dean Ron Adams and reviewed the MBI’s capabilities, accomplishments and facility build-out of 9 new labs and 10 offices.  

The group also toured OSU’s Radiation Center and Wallace Energy Systems and Renewables Facility (WESRF) on the main university campus. 

Lunch included all 8 members of PNNL MBI staff and provided a forum for a stimulating discussion. The day ended with an update by ONAMI President Skip Rung and overview covering Oregon state funding status, research thrusts, facility capability and usage, and commercialization accomplishments and plans. 

The MBI team appreciated the opportunity to provide the Richland visitors a comprehensive, first-hand view of the status and growth of the MBI. In turn, Director Kluse provided insights on PNNL’s future and opportunities in energy and environmental research and development for both DOE and DoD.