MBI Intern Helps to Develop a Microchip for Faster and Efficient Size-based Separation of DNA

February 5, 2010indu-peruri
MBI intern Indu Peruri is part of a team that is developing a microchip to speed up the process of size-based separation/gel electrophoresis of DNA.

Indu is pursuing a Professional Science Master’s degree at Oregon State University in Molecular and Cellular Biology. As part of her master’s project, she was brought on as a graduate intern in May 2009. As an MBI intern, Indu has collaborated as a member of an MBI team addressing the needs of Floragenex, a real-world client company. Floragenex specializes in DNA purification system for polymer chain reaction products.

Indu's internship has involved her in the fabrication of a microdevice that will efficiently separate DNA fragments more rapidly than the traditional agarose gel electrophoresis pursued in most biological laboratories. The goal is to develop a modular instrument for high-speed microchip capillary electrophoresis to achieve size-based separation of DNA on a microchip to Floragenex' specifications.

Indu Peruri reflects on her MBI internship: “MBI has been a tremendous learning experience. Research here is all about value-based learning. Working at MBI has provided me with a great platform for advanced biological and engineering research—not to mention being able to learn first-hand about the business of research.”