Industry Access

The MBI is open to outside users and encourages interaction with industry. We collaborate with small and large companies to develop nano and microtechnology solutions, from efficient jet engines to a portable dialysis appliance.

Please refer to our "How to Get Started at MBI" page for external users if you are interested in becoming a facility user. Information regarding tooling fees is available in the following downloadable PDF, "MBI FY14 External User Rates."

In addition to collaborative work, the facilities, on a pay-for-service basis, provide those who do not have equipment or who need extra bandwidth, with access to high-cost capital equipment and technical expertise. We fulfill time-critical needs during production ramp and intense phases of research and development. Users include biotech, semiconductor, solar, wood products, defense and advanced materials companies and universities.


Here are just a few examples of external collaborators:

  • CH2MHill: Collaborating with Oregon State University, the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and Voxtel Inc. on improving manufacturing processes for PV production. Read more about this state-of-the-art research in an ONAMI press release. The image at right is a representation of the core/shell/ligand shell Voxtel’s nanodot technology.
  • Northwest Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Working on novel microchannel fuel injection systems. A detailed project overview is available on the ONAMI website.
  • Trillium Fiber Fuels: Generating ethanol from agricultural residues. A detailed project overview is available on the ONAMI website.

We invite you to learn more about MBI's fabrication capabilities.  Please contact MBI's Prototyping Manager Todd Miller for additional information.