Staff and Students Flow to MBI Workshops on Fluid Interfacing

workshop-attendees2Spring break is typically characterized by students as a week free from work and responsibilities.

Not so at the Microproducts Breakthrough Institute in Corvallis, Ore. In the weeks leading up to spring break, Dr. Jair Lizarazo-Adarme of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory’s Energy and Environment Directorate, finalized organizational details for a free workshop series entitled, “Macro to Micro: The Challenges of Fluid Interfacing.” To expand PNNL’s corporate safety culture to the rapidly growing MBI, Jair developed the workshop specifically for new MBI members and Oregon State University graduate students who will use the facility. At right, Dr. Lizarazo-Adarme welcomes Jeff Gladheim from Swagelok Northwest.

workshop-attendeesThe first workshop was held on Monday, March 28, the start of spring break, and continues weekly through April 18. The OSU students at left take a closer look at micro-fluidic connectors.

As a current OSU MBA student himself, Jair knows how to motivate students and provide practical training that helps everyone work as an effective team member. MBI’s staff and students from chemical, biological, environmental, mechanical, industrial, and manufacturing engineering, as well as the chemistry department, eagerly signed up to participate in the hands-on workshop. Vendors from Swagelok Northwest, Upchurch/IDEX Health & Science, and AirLiquide/Scott Specialty Gases made the trek to the Willamette Valley to instruct participants on proper installations and troubleshooting, common ways to adapt to difficult plumbing situations, use of micro fluidic connectors and micro valves, and safety relating to gas handling and connections.

The workshop series wraps up on April 18 with a case study presented by Jair and OSU Lab Manager, Jack Rundel. They will incorporate the information from the first three workshops to discuss institutional knowledge and current setups at the MBI.

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