ATAMI researchers awarded DOE grant in nuclear energy technology

OSU was a spring 2016 award recipient of DOE's Nuclear Energy University Programs for a proposal submitted by three ATAMI researchers among others. Collaborators in this public-private partnership are OSU, the National Energy Technology Laboratory, Stress Engineering Services and Thar Energy.

All of the OSU researchers on the project are faculty in the School of Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering. Lead Principal Investigator Chris Hoyle is joined by Rajiv Malhotra, Brian Paul, and Hailei Wang.

Researchers will develop a design method for rapid structural assessment of diffusion-bonded Hybrid Compact Heat Exchangers, used as secondary heat exchangers in coupling Sodium Fast Reactors (SFRs) with supercritical CO2 (sCO2) Brayton power cycles. The team envisions that the developed method will (1) be usable in creation of an ASME code case for structural assessment of hybrid CHX; and (2) create design tools that ensure CHX code compliance under desired load conditions.​​