ATAMI and “Smart manufacturing” initiative for PNW business and industry

As a partner in a new $140 million federal initiative, the College of Engineering at Oregon State University will significantly expand its outreach and collaboration with Pacific Northwest business and industry, helping them to save energy, waste less, create jobs and become more internationally competitive.

Last month the Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute, of which OSU is a part, was announced as a major new manufacturing hub to spur advances in smart sensors, digital process controls, and many other efforts to improve the efficiency of U.S. advanced manufacturing.

This broad program is supported by the U.S. Department of Energy, headquartered in Los Angeles and comprised of five regional centers. One of those centers is based at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratories, and its partners include OSU, Washington State University, the University of Washington and regional industry.

Carlos Jensen and Karl Haapala, professors in the Departments of Computer Science and Industrial and Manufacturing, respectively, are co-principal investigators in the project. ATAMI member researchers were instrumental in making OSU competitive in the area of smart design and will contribute significant energies and support to the Smart Manufactoring initiative as it is carried out.