About Us

Technology is ruling every aspect of human life. This adage is truest for the manufacturing sector. The development and research that is being done in the field are so massive that the layperson is only aware of the tip. This fact was recognised by Severn Reynolds, a few years back while having a conversation with his friends during a night out. As manufacturing expert, Severn had always been aware of the latest trends and technologies. He never realised that those outside of the field, or indirectly related to it, might not be privy to the same information.
To fulfil this severe lack of knowledge, Severn set about to create MBI Online. The platform is an educative website that provides all every small and big news that connects to manufacturing technologies. It also keeps a finger on the pulse when it comes to research being done in the field. If there is a new nanotech being introduced in the world, MBI online will report it. If there are brand new stats related to the industry, a reader will find it on the website.
The vision Severn saw with this site is already on the path to completion – educate others about technology in manufacturing.